Wednesday, July 27, 2011


UPDATE:  Go Down Hard made the final three!

July 27:  I was notified a few days ago that my novel, Go Down Hard, which is making the rounds in New York as I write this, has been selected as a finalist for the Killer Nashville Claymore Award!

There were ten finalists chosen from 223 entries through a blind judging process. Each MS was read by two author/readers to move out of the first round. Then by a third and, in case of a tie, a fourth to move into the final ten.

Now the finalalists will be read by Killer Nashville's 2012 publishing partner, Five Star Press/Tekno Books. The publisher then chooses the winner and two runners up and, presumably, offers one or more publishing contracts.

Onward and upward.


  1. Congratulations! I'm a finalist too. I had no idea how many entries they had or the process. Thanks for sharing. It's an honor to be in the top ten with you.

  2. Craig, just wanted to say congratulations again. The KN banquet had the BEST food and the band was super! Wish you'd been there.

  3. Thanks, Jess. Would you happen to know if I was the first or second runner-up? Clay never notified me.

  4. Congratulations, Craig! My story made it to the top ten but I heard YOUR story made it to the top three. Way to go!

  5. Thanks, Debora. And congrats back! Top ten out of 223 is terrific!

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